Inspirational Spielberg Quotes

Inspirational Spielberg Quotes
What quotes get you through the hardest parts of your filmmaking struggles? 

We all know that creating stories can be a slog. Whether you’re trying to write a feature or trying to write a pilot, or directing both, we all come across peaks and valleys in our careers. One person whose words I keep going back to is Steven Spielberg. 

If you read No Film School a lot or know me outside of the digital world, you’ll know I am a massive Spielberg fan. 

Sure, he made the movies of my childhood and helped define feelings like hope, love, and excitement for me as my brain developed over the years, but it’s not just about all that. 

I swear. 

Spielberg’s movies, even some of the lesser ones, always take big swings. It’s not that he thinks he’ll never fail, it’s that he’s not afraid to fall. 

I talked a lot about this in my post on happiness, but working in Hollywood is so hard. You fail all the time. 

So after every failure, I come back to this list. It helps me center myself. And it’s oddly comforting to know that Spielberg himself has dealt with a lot of the feelings I’ve had about the industry. 

Let’s dive into these Steven Spielberg quotes and analyze each of them to see what you can glean from his wise words. 

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