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Developing your ultimate feature film project

Developing begins with a property. Similarly, in films, developing begins with having an idea. And that is just the zeroth step in the smart planning that goes into it.

The project goes into the development phase once we start thinking about our idea and how we communicate that to the audience.

This essentially means that we start selling our idea since the day 1. We pitch it to our family, we pitch to our friends, some potential investors and so on.

Alex Barraquer writes that once we make our film happen, we show it to our friends and family, we are joyfully accepting the positive feedback given by them.

Although, once we start thinking about the “actual selling” that is distribution of our project weather online or elsewhere, we realize the site asks us a lot of details and pieces of information.

This information we maybe have thought about, but which we haven’t developed or haven’t worked out yet;

Before starting on writing the actual script, we must note down crucial details regarding the idea.

These details are the following –

  • Logline
  • Genre
  • Director’s / Producer’s Statement (Why do you intend to make this project?)
  • Target Audience (Why will they care?)
  • Synopsis
  • Treatment
  • Themes explored in your film project
  • Character Description / Bio / Potential Cast
  • Ball Park investment/funding needed
  • Comparables
  • Artistic and Technical details (Color Palletes / Storyboards / Tone of your film.)

Once we have most of these things mentioned above, the idea that we had in our mind becomes much more vivid and we begin to visualize the action in the story and so we begin to write our screenplay.

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