Developing an Idea and Breaking the Ice - A Trial Before Monsoon

Developing an Idea and Breaking the Ice – A Trial Before Monsoon

It’s wise to act on the idea when you first receive ‘that spark’; And once you start meeting new people who share similar thoughts as you do, that spark starts getting into a perspective. Your idea starts becoming sharper.

So you are ready, to break the ice and produce a new film.

The Idea

What’s the point?

Day after day, we get up, do what we must, and go to bed. Then we repeat it the next day, and the day after that. And so on.

But why?

What’s it all about? Where is this all heading? What’s the point?

Is there a real, no-nonsense answer to “the meaning of life” that actually makes sense?

Why is meaninglessness and even nihilism so popular these days?

I was curiously wondering about this and started scribbling it down on a piece of paper.

The same old farfetched question about life and death, the irony and its meaning.

The experience of death, although universal, is each time unique.

Some look forward to it, others fear it, some try to escape. Very few accept it and go along with it or move forward with the idea of it.

It’s much more interesting to think how long you are gonna live than how much time you’ve got before you die.

A content human being will be going far from it to have an adventure of a lifetime.

I knew right away that this idea is enough for me to begin with.

And so, I started writing the screenplay.

I was ready to meet the right people and share it with them.

Meeting The Right People

I tried to express my idea through the first draft of my screenplay by establishing a point of view from a father and daughter relationship.

Being a Psychiatrist and a veteran Actor in the Indian Film Industry Dr. Mohan Agashe manifested similar interest on the topic as I narrated the story to him. And he eventually became the endearing part of the project.

Mohan-Agashe - Film Idea


Similarly, I witnessed Tanvi perform on stage for the prestigious Purushottam Karandak. And 6 years apart from that, I approached her with this script.


Tanvi Kulkarni - A Trial Before Monsoon Film Idea

The Kick-Starter

Sometimes we need a kick, some inspiration, or even a little direction.

Meeting them and breaking the ice gave me yet another ‘spark’ and became my first steps to begin developing and producing our film project – A Trial Before Monsoon.


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