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Film posters and its importance in your project

Film Posters are a vital part of promoting your film’s brand and it is a great marketing tool. An effective film poster is the first step in achieving this.

Film Poster Template
Film Poster Template

Without any argument film’s story is the most important aspect that give rise to the rest of the ensemble. Although, film poster acts as a medium to reach to your target audience in the most appealing and engaging way.

According to Forbes Magazine, every filmmaker must test how people react to the film posters, what mistakes they might notice and see if audiences think it is appropriate for the feature.

Here are following bullet points one must keep in mind while designing poster for your film project.

  • The design must be specific to attract your target audience.
  • It must set a tone, give essence to the film’s aesthetics, and what your film is about.
  • The poster may include the star cast/main actors/brands that appear in your film useful for its promotion.
  • The design may include a “tagline” that indirectly based on the theme of your film.

As a case study here is IndieWire‘s Post about The 35 Best Movie Posters of 2019 So Far. The Internet is a wonderful thing and can give you an endless amount of information on different color schemes, font sizes or image placement and what they connote to send the right message.

Here’s how you can get started with making your film posters.

Useful Tip: Use 300dpi resolution and CMYK color format. Also, every country has a different specification for movie poster sizes but the standard U.S. size is 27 inches in width x 40 inches in height, commonly referred to as “the one sheet”.

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