Idea, Individualistic Characters & Impressive Plot - A Trial Before Monsoon

Idea, Individualistic Characters & Impressive Plot – A Trial Before Monsoon

We were digging deeper into approaching our narratives for the screenplay. We kept working on themes, characters, and the actual plot of the film.

The developed package ultimately meant for the pitch meetings. Eventually luring in the investors and our production team with whom we were about to collaborate.

So, what is it all about?

I got familiar with the idea we were trying to develop. All I needed was to find a catalyst – a McGuffin to proceed further producing this film.

The Meaning of Life and Death differs with every culture. So, being culturally progressive might be the key to open several doors.

The Mexican tradition of The Day of the Dead is one of those few cultural events that inspired me to produce this film and drive the plot around it. A Perfect McGuffin. On this day, we must celebrate the life of our loved ones who are not with us anymore. This day is a day of celebration rather than mourning.

We keep saying to ourselves that we only live once. But that’s not true, we die once, and we live every day.

Here is my fellow Mexican screenwriter Christopher Palacios, explaining more about this holiday –

Christopher Screenwriter Palacios
Mexico and the dead have a Magical relationship. It is not one of fear or hate, but one with respect and love.

The Day of the Dead takes place during November first and the second, is a time to rejoice, remember and respect those who are no longer with us and value those who are.

Music, food, beverages, fireworks come in place to the delight of both the living and the dead – a perfect ironic mixture between the familiar and the unknown. We build altars decorated with photos and items our loved ones used while in the physical realm.

Day of the dead is a time of joy, forgiveness, insight, and magic for the Mexican people. We can once again spend time with those who are no longer with us in a physical form but will always be there in our hearts.

Christopher Palacios
Freelance Screenwriter
Hollywood, CA

The Plot – The Hook

I knew I had to keep the McGuffin element subtle.

I wanted it more about the relationship between a father and the daughter. And I wanted their characters to be ironic, like someone who is not easily intimidated by social pressure or customs, someone with a personal opinion and a singular view of the world.

The developed package is so clear that you start pitching it by surrounding yourself with talented people, hooked just by listening to its plot. And so does your investor.

So I necessarily taught myself that in order to get people hooked to work for you or with you, you need 3 (I)’s in your film project –

  1. Incredible Idea
  2. Ironic / Individualistic Characters
  3. Impressive Plot.

A Trial Before Monsoon, is a drama film about A lung cancer patient who hires his suicidal daughter to be his divorce lawyer in order to achieve complete solitude before death. In this particularly odd meeting, will the daughter be on her mother’s side? Or she will make an effort to fulfill a dying man’s wish.


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