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Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active minds of the Connolly Brothers.

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If you’re new to filmmaking and taking your production outdoors, here are 5 excellent pieces of advice to consider.

If you’re somewhat experienced in filmmaking, you’ll find that these tips from the delightful folks over at Film Riot are pretty standard.

Protecting your mics from the wind, always keeping a reflector and ND filter handy, and choosing the optimum time of day to shoot are things you should always keep in mind.

However, host Ryan Connolly offers a couple of helpful alternatives for lighting and sound tools that even pros will find nifty.

There are countless things to consider before you shoot outside — and your needs will change dramatically depending on the elements you’re facing.

I’d say one of the first things you should do before heading out is checking the weather report (something I’ve learned the hard way).

Make sure you’re not going to get unexpectedly rained out.

Not only could rain ruin your shot, but it could ruin your camera equipment.

The same thing goes with heat; make sure you’re not leaving your equipment out in the sun for too long to avoid overheating.

Be aware of sunset/sunrise times so you can anticipate how much time you have to gather footage.

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