Dissecting the Music: A Trial Before Monsoon | Gabrielle Helfer

Dissecting the Music: A Trial Before Monsoon | Gabrielle Helfer

by Gabrielle Helfer | 18th February, 2021

Silence is music too. An ongoing challenge for myself as a film composer is to know when to speak, and when to let the film speak for itself. The intimate moments of this film lended a lot to silence, but also allowed music to bring a bit of magic to the experience.

“A Trial Before Monsoon,” is a study of real life issues, questions about our existence, climbing the mountain of self acceptance, and realizing that no age is too old to chase your dream.

The final cue of the film combines every aspect of the story. Since the two main characters travel through their own profound personal journeys, I wanted the final cue to feel confident and steadfast, just as the characters did. I combined the themes I had written from previous cues,
and intertwined them into new variations, symbolizing the new found freedom the characters had found.

We watch films because they are relatable. They help us understand ourselves through the characters we relate to on screen. The experience of a film is an escape to a place that is personal and special to each of us. The score should deepen that relationship, and lead us down corridors of emotions without the viewer even realizing it.

Here you can enjoy all the soundtracks from our film –

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Gabrielle Helfer

Gabrielle Helfer is a composer and pianist from Northern California, residing in Los Angeles. She has been playing piano since she was five, and composing since she was twelve.

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